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The static 737-simulator in the Luchtvaart Hobby Shop in Aalsmeerderbrug is a professional resemblance of the Boeing 737NG cockpit. Operation is fully in accordance with the Boeing 737NG.

Three beamers project life-like weather conditions and terrain on a 180-degree screen.

The simulator has an extensive instructor panel through which all conceivable flight and emergency scenarios can be imitated under all circumstances in any part of the world.

The 737-simulator is a static simulator and does not require certification. As a result the 737-simulator is a perfect and affordable alternative for the professional and expensive full flight simulators, such as in use at major airlines or training centers.

The 737-simulator is ideally suited for professional pilots who want to improve or maintain their skills and knowledge, or prepare for grading.

The panorama terrace in the Luchtvaart Hobby Shop offers the possibility to brief and debrief with a cup of fresh coffee, tea or soft drinks.